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Actress Juggan Kazim and Feisal Naqvi Wedding Engagement Pictures

Pakistan Model, Host and Actress Juggan Kazim and Feisal Naqvi Wedding Engagement PicturesJuggan Kazim and Feisal Naqvi Engagement Wedding Party Pictures 2013 23

Despite belonging to completely different professions, they have similar stories and find comfort in each other’s company.TV show host, model and actor Mehr Bano Kazim aka Juggun Kazim exchanged rings with top-notch lawyer Feisal H Naqvi on late Saturday afternoon at Cosa Nostra in the presence of about 50 close friends and family. One guest told us that she has never looked this beautiful and this happy!

“We were introduced by mutual friends, Sanam Taseer and her husband,” Juggun says, narrating how she met Naqvi. She admits that the two did not get along right off the bat, saying, “We did not click when we first talked a year ago.”

Juggun, who has a very vibrant TV personality, says that the two are completely different people. “I am a very serious and practical person, whereas Feisal is completely chilled-out — opposite of what we both may look like!”

But somehow, Cupid struck and the two started to get along. “We were having lunch one day and he took me by surprise by asking ‘How would it be if we married each other?’” Juggun recalls. “I told him I would think about it only if he proposes to me formally.” A week later, Juggun went to meet his parents and soon after, she “started calling them mummy and daddy”!

But though she is delighted about having found her partner, the morning show host confesses that she had a strained previous marriage. “I had a terrible experience from my last marriage. I am in a better place — somewhere I hadn’t been in a very long time,” she says. Juggun, whose first marriage ended nearly seven years ago, has a son named Hamza. Naqvi is also divorced with two children. “Being with someone who has been married in the past and has children is good for me, because he can empathise with me,” she says.

Juggun considers Hamza an integral part of her life. “After God, I only have Hamza as my support,” says Juggun. “I wanted him to have a father who is loving. Now let’s  see the image gallery of Actress Juggan Kazim and Feisal Naqvi Wedding Engagement Pictures 2013 Collection.