5th Day Ramazan Ul Mubarik Dua (Prayers) Wallpapers

Ramadhan Karim is the Holy month for Muslims. This month is no 9 as Islamic calendar. This month comes with the blessings of Allah. In this month Paradise doors are opened and heaven doors are closed. Muslims keep fasts in this month from 5th of ramadhan to 30th of ramadhan.

Muslim also pray and special worships in this holy months. For this month there are special dua’s and wazaif. We are sharing you 5th Ramadhan Ul Karim dua in Arabic & with English verses. Download 5th ramadhan karim dua & Wazaif. This dua (Prayer) is very special for 5th ramadhan ul Mubarak. Download 5th ramazan dua images and wallpapers.5 ramadhan dua in arabic

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