Sunday , September 27 2020

5 Summer Tips 2013 To Do For Flawless Skin

5 Summer Tips 2013 To Do For Flawless SkinPakistani summers can really damage your skin

Avoid Sun

Though this is humanly not possible but you should avoid sun as much as possible. Try to take tracks which are shaded even if they are long. Try to go out in the market during evening’s because by then the sun has loses most of its capability to damage your skin. Though you may find this very difficult but trust me it really does pay off. Avoiding direct contact with the sun can really make a difference where your skin is concerned.

Use Sun Cream

If you have been avoiding these creams as they make your skin, then i think its high time you start using them again. In summer regardless how dry your skin is, it becomes oily and the sun creams can really come in handy here. Beside this they also protect your skin from having direct contact with sun raise, thus mollifying the effect of sun raise on your body.And because of all of the above factors use sun cream is on number 2 in our list of 5 things to do for flawless skin in summers.

Change your Daily Skin Cream

What works in winters might not work in summer. So, its important that you change  your skin cream as soon as summer approaches. There are many creams out there which claim themselves to be the best summer cream, you should try one of them rather then sticking to the one you used in winters. One example for summer daily skin cream is body creams, they really are nice. They are not only reasonable but also effective.

Lighten Up

Increased humidity means you can put down the heavy moisturizing creams and switch to a lighter lotion. And to chose the cream you just look your complexion as a guide. If your skin still feels tight after putting on your moisturizer, try a slightly richer product; if you’ve got the afternoon greasies, use a lighter lotion. Or, if you’re really oily or acne prone,  you should skip moisturizer all together.

umbrella And Sun Glasses

This is one of the important thing on the list of 5 things to do for flawless skin in summer, you should use umbrella and sun glasses they really do help. Umbrella helps you in shading your self and make it possible for you to avoid direct contact with sun. And sun glasses not only make you look cool but also protect your eyes and half of your face from sun.