Tuesday, October 4 2022

Ramadan 2nd Ashra Prayers For Forgiveness

Ramadan 2nd Ashra Prayers For Forgiveness

Ramadhan Kareem 2nd Ashar (10 days) will start. Ramadan 2nd Ashra prayer for forgiveness is here. You can seek Allah forgiveness and repent for all sins. Here you can find Ramazan Karim 2nd Ashra dua importance in Arabic, English & Urdu.

ramadan first ashra ki dua in Arabic is hot search among the muslims brothers and sisters, mostky they serach ramadan akhri ashra ki dua with online ramadan first ashra ki dua, if you are one of them then ramzan Dosra ashra ki dua in Arabic is available here just read ramadan k 2nd ashra ki dua and recite it repeatedly,

The muslims who are fasting always recite ramzan pehla ashra ki dua during ramadan 1st ashra and ramadan 2nd ashra ki dua along with ramadan 3 ashra ki dua throughout whole Ramadan.

Dua For 2nd Ashra Ramazan (11to 20 Ramazan)

Dua for 2nd Ashra (11-20 Ramadan):


Astaghrifullaha Rabbi Min Kulli Zambiyon Wa-Atoobuilaiyh

ramazan dosra ashra dua download

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