42813 People Sing National anthem of Pakistan sets world record

Lahore (October 20, 2012) – At least 42,813 Pakistanis sang the national anthem together at the National Hockey Stadium, Lahore on Saturday to set a new world record breaking India’s record.42813 Sing National anthem of Pakistan sets world record

42,813 people sung national anthem at National Hockey Stadium Lahore to set new world record.

Guinness administration has added the name in Guinness Book of World records.

Thousands of students, athletes and civil society members gathered at the National Hockey stadium Lahore to create a record of singing National Anthem of Pakistan.

Pakistan National Anthem World Record Video

The Sports Board Punjab claims that at least 24,000 students and athletes as well as 60,000 audiences attempted to create a world record of singing the national anthem during the ceremony.

A two- member team of the Guinness World Records was present to monitor the event.

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif also attended the event and sang the national anthem along with the huge crowd.In his speech on the occasion, he said this was not a Punjab festival, but instead a Pakistan festival.

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