Wednesday , December 8 2021

23 March 1940 Youm-e-Pakistan Images Pictures Quaid Quotes

23 March qarardad e pakistan wallpapers

Every 23 March we celebrate the resolution day of Pakistan. 23 March 1940 is the day when a resolution was passed for an Independent and separate Country for the Muslims of sub-continent. So, We always celebrate this Day as a resolution day in Pakistan. The efforts of Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Dr. Allama Iqbal (poet) of Pakistan cannot be forget. Because they struggle hard to get Pakistan for Muslims.

That they can live and pray to God easily. Here 23rd March 1940 latest images and wallpapers. You can also find Pakistani flag with amazing colors. Quaid Quotes are also included in this post. Youm E Pakistan 23 March will be celebrated on Tuesday 2021. Let’s celebrate to download these images and pictures.