1st Jumma Mubarak Ramazan Importance SMS 2023

(Jumma Mubarak) Today is the biggest day for Muslims. In each Ramadhan Ul Mubarak commonly 7 days come as Jumma Ul Mubarak 2023. Perhaps sometime 5 Jumma Mubarak comes. So, Muslims from all over the world come to Masjids on each Ramazan Jumma Mubarak. We can say that an Ejitimah has been created by Muslims. Today is the 1st Jumma Mubarak of Ramazan Kareem. Here we are giving SMS in viewing the importance of Jumma Mubarak in Islam. Read below SMS in Urdu on Jumma Mubarak.

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Jumma Mubarak 2023 Fazeelat SMS Below

Jumma Ke Fazeelat

Allah Ne Kainat 6 Din Mein Bani Aur Akhri Din Jumma Ka Tha

Jumma KAY Din Hi Qayamt Aye Gi

Jumma KAY Din He Hazrat Aadam As Paida Hue Aur Wafat Hue

Hazrat Aadam As Jumma KAY Din He Jannat Mein Dakhil Hue Aur Nekala Gaya

Jumma KAY Din 1 Ghare Aese Ate Hay Jis Waqt Allah Apni Makhlooq Ke Her Dua Qabool Farmata Hain.

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