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Shahbaz Sharif Student Solar Systems in Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur (Breaking News / Tuesday, January 29, 2013) – Chief Minister Punjab and leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) / PML-N has launched another revolutionary scheme in Punjab.CM Punjab Ujala Program Student Solar Systems in Bahawalpu

Today Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif  awarded the very first Solar Home System kit to a shining star of Bahawalpur under Shehbaz Sharif Ujala Program.

“This is the light of MERIT that you have earned through your talent, hard-work and the tireless efforts of your parents” exclaimed the CM while addressing the highly charged crowd of Solar Home System kit recipients at the inaugural ceremony of Shehbaz Sharif Ujala Program earlier today at Bahawalpur.

Shahbaz Sharif said that loot and plunder of Zar baba and 40 thieves have plunged Pakistan into darkness and everyone is suffering including the shining stars sitting infront of me who are the future of this country. When 180 million people will bring back Nawaz Sharif through the power of their vote, then the shadows of darkness will be replaced with light of progress and the people of Pakistan will prosper insha’Allah.

Alhumdulillah all our schemes were totally based on MERIT and no one was given any favoritism based on his/her color, creed or political affiliation. These solar kits are not only the quick solution for current load-shedding but a free of cost and uninterrupted source of energy.
“We are in favor of restoration of Bahawalpur province, along with other provinces to be made on administrative basis only.”

maintained the CM while addressing students of Bahawalpur. The political stunt of Zar baba and 40 thieves is nothing but to fool and play with sentiments of the people of South Punjab. This is also a conspiracy to delay the upcoming General Elections which are due in next couple of Months.

The corrupt and incompetent coalition government sitting in Islamabad is scared of being rejected by the people of Pakistan in the upcoming elections. PMLN parliamentarians of Bahawalpur, Fan Jiang vice president ZTE, Secretary Energy, and Secretary Schools were also present at the occasion.