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Rotimatic Make Automatic Roti In Just A Minute

Rotimatic Make Automatic Roti a minute

Make a roti within a minute


Technology once again surprised us with the invention of this superb fully automatic roti making appliance i.e Rotimatic. Gone are the days when, women spend hours sweating in the kitchen and rolling out the perfect roundels of wheat that we called rotis. Now women no need spent their precious time in kitchen for making fresh roties, Rotimatic resolve this hassled task. It is a first microwave sized device that quickly and easily makes rotis at a push of a button. Rotimatic is revolutionary product invented by the Zimplistic, a venture founded by the Singapore based Pranoti Nagarkar and Rishi Israni.

Pranoti says, making rotis at home needs human judgment to determine the consistency. When she realized that making rotis by hand everyday was not sustainable. The art of making perfectly round and tasty rotis is a technique that needs lot of time as well as regular practice. Rotimatic machine can also be described as an automatic roti-making machine. There are separate compartments for flour and water, requires no measurement for the consistency, it will mix up all the ingredients by own, you just need to place flour and water in their compartments.

It auto-corrects and auto-adjusts the consistency level. Machine makes up to 20 rotis in one round. You can choose the thickness, softness, and the amount of roti on the digital screen. In short, the efficient functioning of Rotimatic involves measuring, mixing, kneading, making, and baking of rotis. You will get round and puffed roti in a minute by just a click of a button. So, all the roti lovers will now be able to enjoy fresh and healthy rotis.