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Rental Power Case Investigation Officer Kamran Faisal Killed

Islamabad: NAB Assistant Deputy Director Kamran Faisal, investigative officer of  Rental Power Casewas found dead at his residence in Federal area.NAB Assistant Deputy Director Kamran Faisal, investigative officer of  Rental Power Case was found dead at his residence in Federal area

On the orders of the SC, Hussian Asghar was coordinating the case. According to the IG police Bin Yamin, the dead body was found tied to the ceiling of the fan. ” The investigations are underway. After investigations facts behind the incident would be revealed”.

Chairman NAB said that the incident is mournful. Police as expressed doubt that the victim had committed suicide. According to the NAB sources, the victim had been in mental stress. He had asked the DG to hand over his responsibility to some one else.  Sources say that Faisal Karim, who was charged with the responsibility of  accounting the Prime Minister along with the others involved in the case was threatened of death penalty with constant reminders of him of the consequences if he does not with draw from his work.

Meanwhile, SSP has formulated an investigation team consisting of four members of the police team for the Faisal Karim murder case, under the supervision of the SP of the City Ilyas.  After Maghrib prayers, six doctors of the poly clinic held the post- mortem of the dead NAB member.

Close friend of  Karmran  told that the victim was 31, the only son of his parents and was a father to two daughters.  He hailed from the Mian Chinno district and held Masters degree in bio-chemistry. According to the sources Kamran was transferred from Quetta to Islamabad last year. A news channel reported of  the death of the NAB member, when the NAB member who resided at the quarter of the NAB, federal loges 2 at home 1. After the employees failed to get response from his home at 12 PM on Friday, people called the police at the crime scene. NAB sources say that talking are being held with the close members of Kamran while the investigating team is also putting efforts to solve the case.