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PTI Faisalabad Strike Call 8 Dec 14 Live Coverage

Jalsa Live PTI imran khan 8 DecemberPakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) going to shut down Manchester of Pakistan tomorrow 8th December 2014. According to official news expresses by PTI that all 9 main roads which are connecting with Faisalabad to other cities remain close due to strike call of PTI against Govt of Pakistan. The spokesman of PTI said that people of Faisalabad should bear the strike call / shut down at 8th December 2014 (Monday).

As you know that Manchester of Pakistan (Faisalabad) city is the homeland of PML (N). Today on Sunday all day clock tower was made battle field. The two major parties were quarrelling against each other. PML (N) & PTI workers were in front of each other. Police controlled the situation. Some PML (N) workers have eggs & tomatoes to welcome PTI workers. Now what so have on tomorrow.

Watch live coverage of PTI strike call against Government of Pakistan on 8th December 2014. Live streaming Imran Khan Faisalabad dharna Monday 8 December. Imran Khan Plan C Faisalabad show. Watch live streaming Imran Khan strike call.