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Poisonous intoxicating cough syrup Make death mounts to 13 in Lahore

LAHORE: Death toll of intoxicating poisonous cough syrup drinkers in Lahore have mounted to 13 while CM Punjab has taken notice of the incident and formed a probe committee,


Earlier, 11 persons were reported expired and many in serious condition after drinking poisonous cough syrup in Shahdara area of Lahore.Shehzad, Waqas, Sikandar, Ramzan, Shahbaz, Parvezand their many other fellows drank cough syrup ‘Tyno’ for intoxication in Shahdara, Lahore.

They all turned sick and their condition deteriorated immediately after drinking the intoxicating cough syrup. They were rushed to Mayo Hospital.

Four of them including 35-year old Sikandar, 15-year old Ramzan, 18-year old Shahbaz and 22-year old Parvez expired before reaching the hospital.

Later on, 20-year old Shehzad, 23-year old Waqas, 45-year old Jawed and others expired gradually during treatment at the hospital and Saturday’s death toll reached to 11.

Two more syrup drinkers were serious and struggling for their lives at the hospital but they both also expired on Sunday and final death toll mounted to 13.

Shahdara Police Station has registered a case under Section-302 against owners of those medical stores which sold that poisonous cough syrup.

Punjab Health Department Has also taken notice of the incident and the EDO has demanded a detailed report, over killings and syrup within, next 24 hours. SAMAA NEWS