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PML (N) Maryam Nawaz is Top 1st Position in Google Search Pakistan

Maryam Nawaz Scandal with Captain Safdar Hot PicturesISLAMABAD: According to the list of most googled and searched people issued by most usable search engine Google, Maryam Nawaz is most searched personality in Pakistan in the year of 2013 and achieved 1st position in Pakistan. Overall Maryam Nawaz is on 4th position in most searched persons in the world. Paul Walker is at top of the list, 2nd position secured by Indian actress Jiah Khan and Nelson Mandela is on 3rd position. On the top of the most searched for list is Paul Walker, leading actor in the popular “Fast and the Furious” Hollywood movie series, followed by the late Bollywood actress Jiah Khan. South African revolutionary politician Nelson Mandela holds thenumber three slot.

It is to be noted that amongst the top-ten most searched personalities in Pakistan, only three hail from Pakistan. These are Maryam Nawaz Sharif, MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain and the bride of the recently wedded pop singer Atif Aslam. There are about 40 million internet users in Pakistan, majority of which are youth. Experts are of the opinion that Maryam Nawaz’s fourth rank in the Google trends list reflects her popularity among the Pakistani youth. Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s popularity rose to its peak during this year’s election campaign and on the PMLN’s unprecedented victory in the general elections. Also, it is believed that her current role as the Chairperson of the Prime Minister’s Youth program may immensely add to her popularity.