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Pak Army Jobs 2015 Online Test Preparation

If you are eager to join Pakistan Army you must have preparation to keep MCQ’S online test. Here you will find 10 questions and answers which are related to intelligence test of MCQ’S short questions and answers. Pakistan Air Force has given opportunity to serve PAK ARMY as nursing category. Thousands applicants who have submitted applications online for PAK ARMY jobs 2015 can prepare for exam online. Here some questions and answers related to Pakistan defence online preparation quiz MCQS. Attempt all questions and get answers of these questions now.

These questions and answers will help you to preparation for Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Air Force, Police, Civil Defence, ISSB Intelligence Test, IQ test preparation.

Essence is to Flower as is to Oven ?


What Will Come Next in the Following Series ?10 50 250 1250


Wag is to Dullard as Idiot is to______________


What is Next Number? 62 31 34 17 20 ?


If BOX is Coded as CDPQYZ, How would you write COAT in Code?


Which One is Out of List ?


If Sunday Dawned three Days before Yesterday what day will dawn two days after tomorrow ?


What Will Come Next in the Following Series 7EGXFXHJXIXKMXLX


What Will Come Next In Following List ? 4 12 36 108 _?.


Which Word is Out of List ?


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