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Nadia Khan Demanded Divorce From Her Husband Khawar Iqbal

Famous morning show host Nadia Khan has recently divorced her husband Khawar Iqbal, but Khawar Iqbal has vigorously refused to accept divorce saying Nadia Khan’s divorce rights against Islamic laws.Nadia Khan Demand’s Divorce From Her Husband Khawar Iqbal

Nadia Khan, who is known for her frank candid straightforward style, has filed divorced against her husband Khawar Iqbal whereas he has challenged the marriage certificate in the court, arguing that the wife can’t give divorce to her husband but can demand divorce from her husband according to the Islamic law.

Whereas, Nadia Khan had got a provision in her marriage certificate according to which she can divorce her husband anytime without his consent. But Khawar Iqbal has claimed that the provision in the marriage certificate is against Islamic marriage laws.

To resolve the matter, a bench of three members Justice Shahzad Sheikh, Justice Fida Muhammad Khan and Justice Arshad Jahangir, was constituted by the court. They heard the Nadia Khan Divorce case in the advocacy of advocate Arshad Kayani but the next hearing is postponed for an undisclosed period.