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Mobilink 3G 24hr (1 Day) Internet Package

3G 1 day package Mobilink internetMobilink GSM is a leading and most customer’s cellular company of Pakistan. Due to coming 3G internet technology mobilink Pakistan is also introducing 3G internet packages for its customers. 3G internet packages offered by Mobilink are daily, weekly, monthly.  Now use fastest 3G internet on your cell phone by mobilink. Mobilink gsm is now offering 3G internet poora din offer. Now avail 24 hours 3G internet mobilink in just Rs 15. Enjoy mobilink gsm poora din 3G internet package in just only fifteen rupees. In this 3G Daily bundle offer you can enjoy 100 MB internet for 24 hours.

3G Internet Package; 3G Daily (1 Day)

Volume:               100 MB

Price;                     Rs 15

         Validity:                24 hours (1 Day)

Activation Code:             *117*1#

Bundle status code:        *117*1*2#