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Jamshed Dasti 3-year Jail Against His Fake degree

MUZAFFARGARH: Former MNA Jamshed Dasti was two-handed a three-year jail term by a vicinity sessions decide in Muzaffargarh on weekday, reported specific News. Dasti has effectively been disqualified from running within the elections.Former MNA Jamshed Dasti was handed a three-year jail term by a district sessions judge in Muzaffargarh on Thursday
Dasti was inactive within the court premises and was shifted to a jail amid strict security. the previous MNA was conjointly two-handed a penalty price Rs5,000.
Dasti declared that his brother can currently contest from his body within the future general elections.

His lawyers said that they will move the high court against Dasti’s disqualification.

He held a press conference in Multan on Wednesday where he announced his decision of not contesting the upcoming elections.

He had said that no one from his family will contest the elections against the “feudal system” of the country.

The former MNA has been persistent that his degree is real. He holds the arguments that if he had fake degree and was disqualified on the premise in 2009, then why was he allowed to contest the by-elections in 2010.

He was elected from the Muzaffargarh NA-178 constituency in the 2008 elections and again through subsequent by-elections.