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Islamic Studies Online Test Mcqs Questions and Answers

Islamic Studies OnlineTest Mcqs Questions and Answers

As you know that in each MCQ’S test there will be a part of Islamic Studies. Here you can online preparation for Islamic Studies General Knowledge Test Mcqs Practice Questions and Answers. You should choose answer’s given below from 4 choices. You must attempt all questions. Practice makes a man perfect. Please get preparation online for Islamic Studies two time. Here are given on this page which can be used as a guide during the preparation of all general knowledge related written exams. To get the preparation in short time it is the best and easiest way to prepare your general know papers and exams as well. Pakistan Islamic Studies Test Online Mcqs Practice Questions and Answers.

1. The Nissab of Zakat is ?


Who was the wife of Hazrat Ibrahim (SA) ?


What is the backbone of the economic system of Islam ?


What is the compulsory tax on the production of agricultural lands ?


What is called the third Ashra of Ramadan ?


What is the mean of Ai’tekaf ?


The second important step of Hajj after Waquf is ?


In which month of the Islamic calendar the first revelation of the Qur’an came to the Holy Prophet (SAW) ?


How many times the word Zakat appears with Salat in the Holy Quran ?


Which is the fifth and final pillar of Islam ?


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