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Imran Khan Injured after Rally fall Now in Lahore hospital

Pakistani politician Imran Khan is carried by rescuers as they rush to the hospital in Lahore on May 7, 2013. The 60-year-old, who has undertaken a punishing schedule of daily rallies but who is known for his physical fitness, tumbled from a makeshift lift along with several of his staff, seemingly after one of them lost their balance.Imran falls off stage at Lahore rally;

Imran Khan got serious head and back injures after he fell down from an imbalanced lift being used to reach the stage.

The doctors declared him out of danger as he reached Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital for treatment from a private hospital where he was given early treatment.

Still doctors are thoroughly examining to diagnose any hidden injury or fracture.

“Khan is in conscience and we will be announcing this after doctors’ nod,” PTI leader Naeemul Haq said.

“There is no major loss to Imran Khan,” said Dr. Shafiq, who was treating PTI leader “PTI chairmen got 11 stitches in forehead and back-head” he said.

PTI leader Asad Umar Tweets that the minor fracture has been visible in the CT scan.

Earlier Updates

After an extensive election campaign throughout the country, Imran Khan stumbled and fell down from a lifter resulting in some injuries.

Just after the fall, Khan was rushed to hospital in a bit unconscious condition. He had just reached area for election procession and was getting on the top when he fell down from the lifter with his two guards.

He was rushed to a nearby Liberty hospital, but was referred to Jinnah Hospital for proper treatment.

According to hospital sources, head of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf was bleeding and he was in bit unconscious condition.

Party leaders while setting aside any conspiracy say that they would investigate the matter.

“We would also put pressure on Khan to take rest unless the injuries do not recovered.”

Eyewitnesses say that nephew of PTI chairman was crying while going with his uncle, but hospital sources insisted that there were only some injuries on head.

PTI Punjab president Ejaz Chaudhry while talking with media made it clear that Imran Khan’s condition was of danger.

“It was just an accident and it shouldn’t be called a conspiracy.”

“Lifter got imbalanced due to large number of people on lifter,” Chaudhry said and added that people always gathered around their beloved leader.

Medical sources said that Imran Khan would be shifted to Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital for further treatment after doctors advice.

Imran has fallen from a 20 feet height, The News Tribe Urdu reported.

According to reports, family members of Imran Khan are reaching the hospital with their face tense over the incident.

Workers of PTI are also flocking the hospital where they are being barred from police to avoid interruption in his treatment.

Giving his account of the incident, cricketer Abdul Qadir, a leader of PTI, said that Khan was reach the stage when the lift got imbalanced.

“He was then rushed to his car and shifted to a nearby hospital. Later on he will be shifted to Shaukat Khanum Hospital.”

He validated account of Ejaz Chaudhry that ‘it was just an accident.’

“If lift was of quality and there would have a support then this incident could be avoided.”

According to hospital sources, Khan has also got some injuries on his back while one of his guard has got injuries in his head while the other guard has injures on his leg.

“He has been feeling pain in his back for this he has been given some medicine,” they further said.

According to some reports, after falling from lift, Khan’s head hit with a speaker placed beneath the stage. This has caused some serious injures on head of PTI leader.

Medical officials say that bleeding from Imran’s head couldn’t be stopped yet.

“Now he has been shifting to Shaukat Khanum with a team from the hospital; however, congested traffic is causing interruption in swift shifting.”

However, a lethargic attitude from local administration is irritating PTI workers as it has failed to make roads clear for quick shifting of Imran’s ambulance to Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Due to indifference of the authorities and interruption of traffic, Imran Khan’s ambulance reached the hospital in about one hour where doctors’ team announced that he was out of danger.