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Former President Pervez Musharraf Back in Pakistan

After quite four years in voluntary exile, the previous president of pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf landed in city Sunday. He faces criminal charges, and therefore the Taliban have vowed to unleash a “death squad” to kill him however Musharraf, who has survived many assassination makes an attempt, has aforementioned he’s not involved, CNN rumored.

Pervez Musharraf returns to a changed Pakistan In a speech to hundreds of people Sunday, he appeared upbeat and vowed to stay and fight for the nation, the New York Times reported.

“I respect your emotions,” he said, waving to the crowd.

“Thank you. Thank you,” he said as his supporters shouted “Long live Musharraf!”

“I have returned. People used to think that I would not return but I have come back.

“I am not scared of anyone but God.”

“I have put my life in danger, but I want to save Pakistan,” he added.

During his speech, heavily armed police stood nearby, and after his statement, he was whisked away to an undisclosed location for safety reasons.

The Taliban militants have threatened to kill him upon his return, but as the New York Times reported, Musharraf has brushed aside the concerns for his life.

Earlier Sunday, there were scenes of jubilation at Karachi airport as people waited for him to return. People danced and waved the country’s flag.

Musharraf, who quit as president in 2008 to avoid possible impeachment, ended his self-imposed exile vowing to contest May’s general election.

According to Bloomberg, he is widely seen as having strong chances of returning to power in the next elections.

“Musharraf’s return adds one more dangerous dynamic to Pakistan’s already incendiary politics,” said Brookings Institution scholar Bruce Riedel.

“If he is arrested and tried for his past behavior, it could alarm the army. If he goes free, it will spark a backlash from both Sharif and Bhutto supporters.”

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