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ECAT Entry Test 2014 Syllabus Patten UET Lahore

ECAT admission syllabus 2014
(Syllabus ECAT)
ECAT means Engineering College Admission Test. Students who want to get admission after 12 years study in pre engineering join entry test as ECAT. According to the official means ECAT (Engineering College Admission Test) will be held on 24th August 2014 (Expected).

After the successfully completion ECAT entry test 2014 students will get admission in Engineering University for advance Bachelor of Engineering degrees. Before test you should maintain your IQ level for this test. This test is totally on MCQ’S questions. ECAT Entry test level is Intermediate. ECAT entry test syllabus has consists 4 major books. This test will be taken from these major books.

ECAT Entry Test Syllabus 2014

ECAT English,

ECAT Physics,

ECAT Chemistry,

ECAT Mathematics

Each MCQ’S has 4 marks. If your answer found correct you will get 4 marks. Otherwise negative marking is 1. It means if your answer found wrong you will be fined as 1 mark less.