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Defence Day – Youm E Difah 6 September Patriotic Songs

Defence Day songs 6 SeptDefence Day (یوم دفاع) – Youm E Difah is celebrated in Pakistan as a national day on 6 September in memory of those who martyred in the Indo-Pakistani war of 1965 and successful defence of Lahore, Sialkot and other important areas of the country.

We all the Pakistani celebrate the day of 6th September as a Defense Day of Pakistan. This is a great memorial day which is celebrated on the memory of all martyred people who have sacrificed their life for the defense of Pakistan. Pakistan and India fought their II war in 1965 in the same month.

6th September was the day of ending the war and it was decided that now after this no country will use the weapons etc for damaging the assets of each other. On the 6th September Islamic Republic of Pakistan celebrate this day with great courage and joy that the History of 1965 encouraged them that, In the same month of 1965 they have defeated their anime India in a very bad way. India and the next 7 generation will remember that how was the wrong decision to attack on Pakistan and they will never forget their loss.

It is right That the both countries have beard a lot of loss but NO one was going to stopped. Here remember that it was started by the Indian side and at last after 17 days war it was stopped. As Pakistan remained saved, for that this Day is celebrated. Dear Reader the war of 1965 was started on the issue of Kashmir which is still as the same situation and not solved till Now in 2013. In this war India and Pakistan have bear the loss of People and financial also. A lot of bad Weapons had used and every one was trying to lose other. At last by the Support of UN it was came to and end on 06 September 1965.

Defence Day – Youm E Difah 6 September Patriotic Songs

On this special day 6th September we are sharing some 6th September patriotic songs. Here below you will find list of Defence Day 6 September Mili Naghmay 6 September Youm E Difah songs . National Songs Youm E Difah Pakistan 6 September. Pak Army 6 September Songs online. List of Pak Army latest songs 6 September 2016. Youm e Pakistan songs download.

Defence Day 6 September Mili Songs Video

Find here list of mili naghmay youm e difah 6 September Pak Army songs video. You can watch online Pak Army songs 6 September 2016. Pak Army defence Day video songs youtube.com. Pak Army 6 September video songs dailymotion. List Pak Army video songs download online. Youm e Pakistan defence day 6 September HD songs. Download 6 September video songs full list.

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6 September Youm E Difah songs

Youm E Difah Patriotic Audio Songs.

Find here also list of Pakistan Day 6th September audio songs. You will find Youm E Pakistan day patriotic songs MP3, MP4 audio. All here songs list will be available in audio format. Defence Day 6 September audio songs. Pak Army defence Day audio songs list. List Pak Army Youm E Pakistan 6 September audio songs. Audio songs list Pak Army. Pak Army audio songs list 2016. Latest Pak Army audio songs download online.

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