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Computer Science Matric 2015 MCQ’S Questions & Answers

All Punjab boards Matriculation exam 2015 will be held by all boards in March. According to exam schedule annual exam 2015 by all boards of Punjab will be start from 2nd March 2015. Here you will find MCQ’S questions and answers for Computer paper preparation. Now here you will have 10 questions and answers for subjective paper Computer Science online preparation. This quiz for Computer Science Matric 10th Class subject will help you to preparation online. Get online quiz competition here from pakword.com 10 MCQ’S Computer Science questions and answers. All questions / short questions having equal marks.

Online Test Computer Sci, MCQS Questions / Answers

In the remote control device the waves used are:


The devices like audio-videotape and floppy discs work on the principle of


In mobile phones, the technology used is


The brain of computer is called:


Floppy disk can store a data of about:


Working principle of telephone is similar to:


The storage capacity of CD’s is of about: 


It is a flexible plastic disk


The vibrations produced by conversation in the telephone hand set are converted into electric signals by


All the work done on the computer in is the light of instructions which are called


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