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Bollywood Mourns As Farooq Sheikh Death

Farooq Sheikh Legend diedThe last rites of Farooq Sheikh will be performed in Mumbai today, December 30, 2013, after his body is brought back from Dubai where he passed away on December 28, 2013 morning.

“His body will be brought here after completing the formalities in Dubai, today by afternoon, approximately at 04 pm. Then from 05 pm to 07 pm the body will be kept for people to pay their last respects. And after that, last rites will be performed,” informed a tear eyed Satish Shah who happens to be his close friend.

Farooq Sheikh was a mascot of realistic entertainment in his era and lived it up as a common man on screen at a time when larger than life heroes were ruling the Box-Office. Farooq carved a niche for himself with his sheer talent and his gut to do films that he believed in. In all his films one could see an iota of him and tons of honesty.

A man of few words, he was a sucker for good roles and never ran behind the so called formula films. In fact, he once mentioned that because of the kind of cinema he chose to associate himself with, he could never attain super stardom and missed being hundred percent commercially visible.

After his first major commercial success Noorie in 1979, he had almost rejected some fifty odd films because he thought they were all Noorie remakes.