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Apology To Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman & Shaista Wahidi Fake Rumors

Apology To Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman & Shaista WahidiMir  Shakeel-Ur-Rahman  Chief Executive and Editor in Chief of Jang Group of Newspapers, Group Chairman of Geo TV Network and the son of the Late Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman, who is widely accepted as the pioneer of Urdu journalism. He was a journalist of great renown and long standing and founder of Jang Group. Due to the above stated background, high esteem and popularity, Our Client has been President of Council of Pakistan Newspaper Edition (CPNE) and President of All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) for many years. He is also the Founder Chairman of Pakistan Broadcasters Association. It is respectfully submitted that Business-Week, one of the top business magazines of the world, recognized the services of Our Client and acknowledged him as one of the 25 Stars of the Asia. It is pertinent to mention here that recipients of the award were selected on the basis of their role in bringing change in their respective field in Asia. He enjoys an unblemished reputation and is held in high esteem by the general public, corporate world, business clients, owners of other newspaper, friends, associates, relatives, family members, journalist fraternity and staff etc.

Shaista Wahidi is a famous and well known model, actress and host who is having a good reputation in Pakistan. In recent days we have heard various rumours regarding her and Mir Shakeel that both of them getting married or something like that. Few days before Shaista Wahidi has announced on television that no one has a right to discuss her life publicly or on any media. She has personal life and no one should discuss her at all. She has confirmed that she is a separated woman and now she must be called as Shaista Lodhi.

pakword.com is ever there to assist its visitors to the extreme truth and reality but this is the virtual world where one can make mistakes. The news regarding Shaista Lodhi and Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman were not true and there wasn’t any reality in it. This is the reason; we are correcting this news, that Shaista Lodhi has been divorced but she has no plans for getting married. Our news never meant for hurting someone’s feeling or something else but we believe on objectivity and truthfulness. If Shaista Lodhi and Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rahman are having attentions to get marry they can make it public without any worry.

Everybody should recognize that Shaista Lodhi is a mother, daughter and sister of someone and we all should respect her.  We all from our deep heart and feelings are sorry to Shaista Lodhi and Mir Shakeel-Ur-Rehman, if they ever got hurt from any of our news. All the news that are on the online media needs to be confirmed from authentic sources and newspapers and news agencies should play their part to serve online media. The codes of ethics that are for print journalist are also implementable on online journalists. This online medium these days that is used for propaganda purpose this is the reason it should be dealt with care and proper attention.